Madison P. Jones

PhD Candidate, Rhetoric & Writing Studies


Jones headshot photo I am a Doctoral Candidate and Graduate Research Fellow in the Department of English at the University of Florida, specializing in Rhetoric and Writing Studies with a secondary focus in Technical & Professional Communication. My dissertation project, Writing, Place, Network was awarded the Fall 2019 Graduate School Doctoral Dissertation Award. In the project, I use an ecological methodology to understand the place-based affordances of digital writing technologies. At UF, I teach courses in digital rhetoric, writing/argumentation, and technical/professional communication. My articles have appeared in Enculturation, Rhetoric Review, Computers and Composition Online, Kairos, and elsewhere.

In addition to my research and teaching, I also serve as an Augmented Reality Criticisms (or ARCs) Coordinator for the Trace Innovation Lab, a digital rhetoric initiative at the University of Florida, through which I consult with faculty and graduate students in the development of digital projects, organize digital humanities conferences, and coordinate workshops geared toward undergraduate research. As both a poet and a web developer, I am as at home working with line breaks as I am lines of code.

Research & Teaching Areas

In the dropboxes below, you will find my areas of interest with keywords relevant to my teaching, research, grants, and other projects.